'Inspiration Dormant' is an Ambitious Kickstarter Project


Kickstarter has its fair share of shallow and unoriginal projects. Yet every once in a while, something truly special emerges from the mist and captures my attention. Inspiration Dormant is one such undertaking. It is the follow-up project to Forgotten Colors, a successful fantasy art book that launched in February.

Inspiration Dormant’s self-descriptive title is an experience that most creative individuals can relate to. It poses a thought-provoking conundrum:

What happens when you lose your inspiration, and how do you get it back?

Available Kickstarter Backer Rewards

Available Kickstarter Backer Rewards

Immediately striking is the emotive and unconventional art work. It possesses a vivid, almost dream-like quality in both characters and landscapes.

Inspiration Dormant is evocative of Inside Out (the recent Pixar film) in the nuanced way it presents complex feelings. It is an exploration of our emotions, innermost thoughts, and memories.

The novel is presented from the perspective of adult Carmesina, (the young girl in Forgotten Colors) who undertakes the quest of recovering her lost creative spark. Along her journey she experiences the fearful lows and exultant highs of self-discovery and growth.

There are two different editions available of this 170-page graphic novel. The limited edition release (The Journey Edition) features an additional 52-page sketchbook and 18-month wall calendar. The project has reached $45,000 of their $55,000 funding goal.

About the creators:

Play Attitude Team

Play Attitude Team

Inspiration Dormant is presented by Play Attitude, a small publisher based in Barcelona, Spain. The team consists of Sofía Soler (Logistics and Customer Support), Silvia G. Guirado (Writer), David G. Forés (Illustrator), Desiree Arancibia (Illustration & Design) and Naiara Chaler (Project Coordination & Communication). 

Inspiration Dormant is a deeply personal project that the creators hope will “help us to believe in reality again and see that our daily lives are full of joy, happiness and love; but also fear, anger, nostalgia and sadness.”

You can find out more information on their official Kickstarter page. You can view the original article at The Outerhaven.