Updated January 11, 2018

This Privacy Policy applies to this website, www.castleroid.com, referred to in this document as “Castleroid” or “our site.” This Privacy Policy is laid out to inform and explain what information we collect through our site, how that information is used, and what choices you have regarding that information.

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Castleroid Privacy Policy

We do not share your personal information with third-parties, nor do we store information we collect about your visit to this blog for any use other than to analyze content performance and statistics through the usage of “cookies,” which you can turn off via your browser’s settings.

Other non-personally identifiable information such as browser type, operating system, pages browsed, or advertisements clicked on may be collected by our server. The service also records the IP address of visitors for the purposes of identifying and preventing spam or malware. 

Castleroid utilizes an optional email subscription service through MailChimp that can be opted out of at any time either directly through the newsletter or by contacting us directly. We do not sell or share your email addresses, and we never send you spam. When you enter your email address and information into our email subscription form, you agree to receive communications from us about the gaming lifestyle, including guides, reviews, and commentary from the Castleroid team. By submitting your email and consenting, you agree to our terms, conditions, and privacy policy.

Castleroid does not have access or control over cookies used by third-party advertisers. The respective privacy policy of each third-party ad server or website you visit should be consulted for more detailed information about their specific practices.

(This Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice.)

Republishing & Copyright

We are not responsible for the republishing of Castleroid’s content on other websites without express content. 

Any misappropriation of Castleroid’s content (written content, video content, images, graphics, marketing materials, etc) will result in a copyright infringement notice and DCMA complaint.